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Experience the transformative power of somatic coaching at Aurras Transformation. Our personalized sessions help release emotional blockages, fostering personal growth and authentic self-expression. Enhance your well-being with bodywork and biofield healing, addressing pain, improving circulation, and restoring balance. Embrace our holistic approach to healing, integrating body, mind, and spirit for a journey towards balance and vitality.


Somatic Coaching:
Immerse yourself in the transformative power of somatic coaching at Aurras Transformation. Explore somatic movement practices, embodiment techniques, and expressive arts to release emotional holdings stored in your body. Connect with your authentic self, nurture personal growth, and facilitate healing through this holistic approach.
Bodywork and Biofield Healing:
Enhance your recovery journey with bodywork and biofield healing. Alleviate pain, improve circulation, restore balance, and address energetic imbalances for a holistic healing experience.
Let Aurras Transformation guide you on your path to balance and well-being.



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"I have long-haul COVID (and what amounts to chronic fatigue), and Bettina has guided me through my ongoing recovery with warmth, encouragement, and support. Navigating a chronic illness is the hardest and most discouraging experience I've ever had: Bettina recognizes that it is both a physical and emotional journey. She meets me where I am each session, and has helped me tune in to my body on a level I never imagined." by Eva Steele-Saccio


Signing up for somatic coaching sessions can support your health and wellness journey. Somatic coaching focuses on the mind-body connection, helping you understand your body's sensations, emotions, and patterns. By adding artistic expression like movement or dance, you can unleash creativity and express yourself. This boosts self-awareness, emotional release, and empowerment. Your somatic coach offers guidance, accountability, and encouragement to overcome challenges and reach your health and wellness goals.


Who benefits:

  • If you desire personal growth, transform inner wounds, discover new possibilities
  • If you recover from a long-haul illness:
    • COVID-19
    • autoimmune conditions
    • chronic pain and inflammation
    • chronic fatigue
    • digestive problems
    • pelvic floor issues
    • insomnia
  • If you heal from cancer treatment
  • If you recuperate from a stressful and traumatic life event


What we offer:

  • Coaching: Somatic movement & artistic expression
  • Bodywork: CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation
  • Pilates
  • Sound & Biofield Healing
  • On-demand lessons
  • Workshops

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