"The experience has brought me to the deeper sense. It opened my heart again. It was healing. I am happy with the sound healing journey."



Bettina is a grounded, present and very attuned sound healer and guide. She finds the places in your physical body that need sound medicine and takes you there with a lot of support and compassion. Her sound choices both deepen and release, soothe and intensify in just the right balance and at just the right moment. I highly recommend working with her if you want release from old pain and to connect it with a personal and spiritual journey.


"I was able to visualize myself along my path, where I am now, and where I wish to go. I was able to connect my body and with my voice. I was able to receive my innate magic and wisdom. This was a powerful healing experience of creative expression. I greatly appreciated Bettina’s vocalizations and signing. Together at the singing bowls, and found the voice element deeply moving." 


"I came to the session to come back into my body. I liked connecting with a group. This session was beautiful and calm. My favorite part was feeling the vibrations through pain stored in my body."

-Ayla Reidy (Harbin Hot Springs 12/17/22)

"My friend invited me to this sound session. I came to relax and it was amazing. My favorite part was the teacher's voice."

-Svetlana Z (Harbin Hot Springs 12/17/22)

"Bettina came and performed a Sound Workshop at my office for myself and my coworkers. I enjoyed the time or self reflections, relaxation, and refocusing on self care and goals. The whole experience was very nourishing."

-Simone Vienneau (Office Workshop 2/3/23)