Welcome to Aurras Transformation, where Bettina invites you to a healing path towards personal growth. Whether you've faced life's crossroads, an illness, a traumatic event, or simply have a desire to live life with joy and mindfulness, you have the power to cultivate a new relationship with yourself. Through a creative process involving sound, movement, and artistic expressions, you'll experience transformative healing. Embrace a lifetime of well-being and health with Aurras Transformation. 


"It takes discipline to be a free spirit."

-Gabrielle Roth

Who benefits from the Healing Journeys?

If you have recovered from an illness and yearn for profound, long-term personal healing beyond Western Medicine, Aurras Transformation is here for you. We seek to approach healing by integrating evidence-based techniques with intuitive, contemporary, and ancient healing methods based on natural rhythms and cycles.

Together, we will explore your body's wisdom and break out of old habits that may be holding you back. Our experienced guides will help you express yourself beyond words through movement, creativity, and artistic expression.

Join us on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being and self-discovery.

Our Offerings

"Bettina is a healer. Compassionate, fierce, and knowledgeable- she is magical. Bettina drew from many different modalities to help me feel safe, protected, and move through pain quickly. Her work is deep and full of both practical and intuitive wisdom. Highly recommend!"

-Sarah-Lu Baker

Meet your guide, Bettina Neumann


Unlock your body's natural healing abilities. Bettina's philosophy empowers you to tap into your innate wisdom through movement practices and bodywork.

With her expertise, Bettina has helped thousands of people overcome acute and long-haul illnesses and transformed their lives. Join her on a transformative journey toward optimal health and well-being. Start your healing journey today!



Bettina’s Expertise:

  • 30+ years of experience as a licensed Physical Therapist
  • Expert in Cancer Rehab, Lymphedema, and Pelvic Floor Functions 
  • Certified CranioSacral Therapist
  • Somatic Movement Educator and Coach
  • Integral Sound Healer
  • 5Rhythms Teacher in Training
  • Founder of Rising Sun Physical Therapy (20 years)
  • Founder of Aurras Transformation
  • Mother of two
  • Cancer Survivor

Our Philosophy

Thirty-five years as a physical therapist made Bettina firmly believe the body can heal itself and that illness comes 80% from living in a stressed society.

The Body can heal itself  
We guide you
 Everything is inside of you 
We help you
The body is a whole system 
We support you 
"What was most valuable was seeing how the sessions brought up memories, physical sensations, and emotions that came up through sound rather than words. It feels more heart based than talk therapy. Sound healing provides a compelling, deep, enchanting, and whole-hearted means of exploration of your inner self. The guidance and healing feel intuitive and flow in any that feels very special and opening of the body and emotions. It will bring up my triad aspects of past and present." -Trina L
"I've experienced more self-compassion with sound than I have just with meditation. I have learned without a doubt that I am a huge symphony of vibration, always moving and changing inside. These sessions have helped me to contact my inner guides and to be less afraid. It is okay to experience silence too."     -Danielle N

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